MSA British Autocross Championship

MSA British Autocross Championship

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Autocross is an exciting and relatively good value way of both men and women and young adults, from 14 years of age, to get on the Motorsport scene.

Each event is off road, usually taking place in resting farmland, on circuits designed to incorporate plenty of cornering skills. Each run comprises of 2 or more laps with usually 2 competitors leaving the line at a time - some events allow up to 4.

It is a non-contact sport, ideal for anybody wanting to learn and improve car control skills, without lacking any of the adrenalin that more publicised motorsport brings! Indeed many Rally Drivers have started in this way and some continue to attend events to sharpen their skills.

Each event is split down into several classes to ensure you are competing against others in similar type vehicles – ranging from standard production, specials, juniors, modified to rally cars.

Each event is organised by a local Motorclub and is governed by the Motorsport Association (MSA) who are a Government endorsed body regulating Motorsport events in the UK.

The season generally runs from around May to October providing a great range of weather and therefore racing conditions.

In recent years, Autocross has been seeing a revival and this year will see the first National Championship in at least a decade. This will consist of 6 events (3 two day events) - a local one at Braintree, one in South West England and one in Northern England. Although If you can't make the National Championship, there are local regional championships - see your region for details.